School Store Update

I wanted to thank all our families who have participated in our year round School Store Fundraiser!!!

We have been able to raise funds toward our kiddos’ fieldtrips, activities, and supplies through this fundraiser.  A total of $2,190 in Caring for Classroom Gift Cards have been awarded to out teachers so far this year!!  Wow!!!

Just a reminder.  School Store works like Ebates.  We get a percentage of what you would of already spent while shopping on line.  First, go the and choice our school.  Second, select one of the 400+ online stores (like walmart, Amazon, or  Target) you were already going to shop on and click on it.   Then we get a % back of what you spent while shopping.

Thank you to all the kids & families that participated in the postcard portion of this fundraiser.  Also, congrats to the child who won the drawing prize that was announced Feb. 8th.  This kiddo took home an inflatable remote control Minion robot.

Congrats!!!  Audrey McQueeney in Mrs. Russian’s Classroom.